Contact Us

There are a number of reasons why you might wish to contact us

Please look under the appropriate heading to get the most relevent contact.

Visiting our Event

You do not need to register, book or obtain any form of ticket to attend the event. There are no entrance charges or ride charges etc to be paid at the event. So most the questions which you might have as a vistor to the event should be answered by looking at the other pages on this website.

Disabled access

This is comparatively easy, except wheel chair users should note that it takes place (unless raining) on a sports field and the going can be "soft" after a period of prolonged rain. We will have stewards available to direct you to a suitable car-parking

If you still need advice about visiting please send us an email to:

Administrative Contacts

If you are a performer, exhibitor, supplier etc you will need to contact us for a number of reasons.

You will have been contacted by a member of our committee when it was first suggested / agreed that you would be taking part in our event. That person will be your normal contact point for most apsects of your involvement unless you are specifically re-directed to another person. Please use them as your link point.

For certain "site" facilities e.g. Tentage, Sound it is often easier to talk direct with the member of the committee responsible for that aspect of the event. Again you will have been given the names and contact details for that person.

Remember this event does not get cancelled due to weather conditions - just moved indoors! So unless there is a specific safety issue with your activity / display or equipment which might cause problems in the event of inclement weather the default stiutaiton is that we will find a space and a time for your participation - so no need to contact us for confirmation.

If you cannot remember the name / have lost the contact details send us an email to:

E-mail:- (N.B. emails will not be seen and read on the day of event!)

make sure you include your phone number and the name of your group and we will contact you with the information.

Note:- After about 09:00hrs on the day your contact will most likely be somewhere on our site - so if you need to contact them use their mobile!

Further information about Chrisitanity and the Local Churches

We have a contact page for the various local Churches involved in the organising this WhitFunDay. Anyone of these will welcome you to contact them either about specific questions about Chrisitianity, involvement in their regular worship and activities or for other Pastoral needs. Please follow the links from that page.

We have another contact page for useful national or district websites of the various denominations to which our Churches belong and a few other national Christian Websites which might be useful to you. Please follow the links from that page