WhitFunDay is an afternoon of arena events, displays, music, games, and tea for all the family.

It is presented free of charge by the local "Churches Together”, which represents the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Free Churches, Salvation Army and Roman Catholic Churches in and around Midsomer Norton.

It is held on the sports field of Somervale School

We hold the event to celebrate the Church’s season of PENTECOST (also known as Whitsun).

The first Pentecost day took place 50 days after Jesus had died and risen again (as celebrated on Easter Sunday in the Christian Church). It was a truly remarkable occasion. The disciples had been hiding away behind locked doors for fear of the Jews, and suddenly the Holy Spirit came, and touched them.

We are told there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and then what seemed to be tongues of fire came and rested on people. Then, amazingly, people who could only speak one language were given the gift of the  power of the Holy Spirit, to speak in other languages, so that others who were gathered in that place might hear the Good News of God. All who were there were transformed.

From that day on, people gathered in groups to praise and follow God. This was the birth of the first Churches, and explains why we, as separate churches in the area, want to come together, to celebrate the Good News that we share about the love and freedom that belief in Jesus Christ gives us.

We also want to share this Good News with you, and hope that you will enjoy this free, family-orientated, fun day.

You can read more about this story in the Bible - in Acts Chapter 2